Scope of activities of CZAH-POMIAR Sp. z o.o. includes:

  • Production of sensors for temperature measurements:
    Thermocouple sensors (thermoelements and thermocouples), type: K, J, N, T, E, S, R, B
    RTD sensors, type: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, etc.
  • Production of force and mass transducers
  • Designing and implementation of temperature measurement systems

Rendering calibration services within the scope of the laboratory accreditation:

  • Calibration of thermocouple sensors for measurements of temperature (thermoelements, thermocouples)
  • Calibration of pyrometers, thermovision cameras, linear scanners
  • Calibration of temperature indicators (also at the customer’s premises)
  • Calibration of temperature simulators (calibrators)
  • Calibration of electric thermometers (also at the customer’s premises)

more on: the Accredited Temperature Measurement Laboratory

Rendering calibration services beyond the scope of the laboratory accreditation:

  • Calibration of medical pyrometers (ear and forehead electronic thermometers)
  • Calibration of dryers and laboratory ovens
  • Calibration of RTD sensors for the temperature measurements (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, etc.)
  • Calibration of electric quantity meters
  • Calibration of manometers

Commercial activity:

  • Distribution of control and measurement apparatus manufactured by GEFRAN, APAR and others
  • Distribution of pyrometers, thermovision cameras and linear scanners manufactured by FLUKE and OPTEX
  • Distribution of compensating conductors
  • Distribution of conductors for RTD sensors
  • Distribution of compensating joints
  • and many more accessories and materials relating to the temperature measurements.