Thermocouple sensors

Head-type sensors in metal sheath

Head-end sensors. Sheath made of acid resisting or heat-resistant steels. Sheath resistant to oxidation and abrasion. They operate in wide range of temperatures.

Head-type sensors in ceramic sheath

Head-end sensors. Ceramic sheath resistant, among the others, to corrosion, oxidation and abrasion. Used in chemically aggressive environments and for variable and high temperatures.

Head-type sensors in special sheaths

Head-end sensors for special applications. Steel, ceramic or mixed sheaths with increased resistance. Operated in wide range of temperatures. Used mainly in ceramic and chemical industries and in metallurgy, e.g., for measurements of molten metal and its alloys.

Mineral insulated thermocouples

Thermocouple sensors made from the electrodes placed in the insulating layer of metal oxide and in elastic, metal sheath, e.g., making bending possible.

Conductor-type sensors

Standard thermocouple sensors ended with conductors with selected length to be connected to the measuring meter.

Measuring inserts

Exchangeable measuring inserts for sensors manufactured by our company.