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Miło nam poinformować, że dystrybutorem naszych czujników jest firma SENSERIS z siedzibą w Holandii.
adres: Rendementsweg 24O, 3641 SL Mijdrecht,The Netherlands
kontakt: +31 (0)297 - 250113, info[at]

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CZAH-POMIAR Sp. z o.o.

ul. Porcelanowa 25
40 - 241 KATOWICE

NIP 954 23 17 910
REGON 276755055
KRS 0000050587 S.R. Katowice W. VIII Gosp. KRS
Kapitał Zakładowy 350000 PLN

tel.: +48 32 607 31 50
fax.: +48 32 607 31 73

email: biuro[at]


Welcome to our website CZAH - POMIAR Sp. z o. o..

About Us:
We are well known and respected manufacturer of sensors for measuring temperature for more than 50 years of tradition associated with the apparatus of control - measurement. The great advantage of our company is the Accredited Temperature Measurement Laboratory based on the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. Knowledge and experience of our highly skilled staff allows full satisfaction of our customers. The range of our products includes sensors for temperature: Thermocouple and RTD in different types and varieties. The modern manufacturing process allows the production of top quality products. Thanks to European funds we have acquired a number of modern technical equipment and technological lines. Our credibility as a reliable business partner confirms implemented and used since 2000 -Quality Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2009.

Brief history:
Currently CZAH - POMIAR is a company with 57 years of experience in the temperature measurements. The beginnings of the company date back to 1954, when the branch ironworks "Batory" in Chorzow distinguished company called Measurement Metallurgical Company "HPP". In 1970 the company was transformed into the Central Automation Metallurgy Plants "CZAH." After another ownership transformations on 01.03.2000, a company CZAH-POMIAR Sp. z o. o. was created, which continues to this day production and services in the ACP.

Our awards
Gold Certificate of "Business Fair Play" Gazelle of Business, Certificate Fully Resourceful, the Pantheon of Polish Ecology - the prestigious awards granted to our company.

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