Rendering of calibration services within the scope of the laboratory accreditation:

  • Calibration of thermocouple sensors for measurements of temperature (thermoelements, thermocouples)
  • Calibration of pyrometers, thermovision cameras, linear scanners
  • Calibration of temperature indicators (also at the customer’s premises)
  • Calibration of temperature simulators (calibrators)
  • Calibration of electric thermometers (also at the customer’s premises)

Services concerning calibration of measuring instruments mounted on the object (at the customer’s premises) are performed in cases to agreed upon.


Rendering repair and check services on the following (and other) instruments:

  • AC and DC digital and analogue multi-meters;
  • Kilovolt-meters;
  • AC and DC volt-meters and ammeters;
  • DC watt-meters;
  • Bridges for resistance and RLC measurements;
  • Standard and decade resistors;
  • Shorting loop meters, e.g., MZK, MZC, MPZ, etc.;
  • Ammeter pincers;
  • Inductor-type insulation meters, e.g., type IMI, M401, MEGGER, etc.;
  • Inductor-type earthing meters, e.g., type IMU;
  • Control and utility pressure gauges;
  • Apparatus for voltage tests, type AP5, WIP, SIP, etc.;
  • Electronic insulation meters, type P-435;

and other to be agreed upon.